PR HartleyFCA

Chartered Accountant & Registered Auditor

Paul Hartley FCA

Paul has operated a full time accountancy practice in North London since 1992   and has extensive links in the area and the City.

As an advocate of the principle of promoting mutual growth, wherever possible, Paul utilises his networks to introduce new business to clients.

Working Together

Working independently from geographically diverse locations our long-standing and experienced team of associates offer expertise in a wide variety of accountancy specialities.

Iftekhar Alam Iftekhar Alam
Bsc, FCA
  Michelle Everitt Michelle Everitt
David Keene David Keene
  John Farthing John Farthing
Bsc, FCA, Chartered FCSI

Caryl Chambers Caryl Chambers
BSc, FCA, Cert PFS
Compliance Officer
  Jack Fallon
Jack Fallon
Management Accountant
  Sara Hogan
Sara Hogan
Registered Book keeper
Pippa Hartley Pippa Hartley
Personal Assistant
  Sue Fallon Sue Fallon
Practice Management
  Ruth Wallace Ruth Wallace
Xero Accounts Admin & Payroll